Speed. No limits.

Design the next big thing

Drag-and-drop studio

Rapidly build pages, templates, navigation, and style sheets using clicks instead of code. You can create and maintain templates without IT help, so your Web projects can move faster than ever before. Because templates can be nested, you can make even big design changes quickly.


Build templates and pages quickly by dragging panels

Contribute, without having to take classes

Easy import tools

Marketers and business users can contribute text, images, and data without the need for special training. They can import assets just by dragging them onto their browsers, and the rich-text editor shows how edits will appear on the live site. Publishers always retain control over which items can be edited, and by whom.


Business users can easily import and select content

Publish, then plan your vacation

Integrated hosting

Map your own domains to Site.com websites, and page requests will be served with content pulled in real time from the integrated database. You can preview and test pages across browsers. Global server load balancing (GSLB) ensures your sites are always available, so you can publish with confidence.


Publish websites without worrying about servers

Scale without servers

Automatic caching

Ensure your websites load as quickly as possible with an integrated content delivery network (CDN). Speed is essential to keeping and engaging customers, so Site.com leverages a global network of caching servers that deliver content with fewer server hops. IT can stop worrying about server capacity, and marketing can focus on building great sites.


Web traffic is optimized for faster load times

Integrate for instant harmony

Flexible database

Add dynamic content to your Web pages with an integrated Salesforce database. It’s easy to create and tag content so websites can generate custom pages on the fly. You can leverage information that you already manage in Salesforce, and even add workflow rules around it.


Format and publish real-time views of any data

Collaborate and conquer

Private social network

Coordinate projects across your company using your own private social network. Site.com includes Chatter so users can create groups, stay up to date on content changes, and collaborate on your next amazing website. Launch websites even faster by sharing work in progress and getting rapid feedback.


The feed enables real-time collaboration on projects and documents

Extend your social skills

Standard HTML and CSS

As your needs grow, you can build websites with complete control of cascading style sheets (CSS) and add functionality to your pages with custom code blocks containing HTML, JavaScript, and libraries like jQuery.


Manage CSS easily with menu clicks or code